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A few words concerning our "note-pad project".

As you can read here, we are going to leave on October 1st 2008 for a world trip of the schools.

We are going to take with us note-pads made by ourselves, and by our associates in this project (pupils' parents, and friends : thank you to all of you !)
These pads are made with unused photocopies and will be bound in 20-page booklets (size A5) .

A number of these pads will be kept unused, and filled later on by the children in the schools we will visit. The others will be completed by the children of the French schools that take part in our project.

It will be simple to achieve : the aim is to "do" something on a page, without any special direction, freely, in your spare time, and with the "tools" you choose ; a "work" on each page, keeping in mind that it will travel round the world.

For the first page, we will take a photograph of the class : the idea is that this photo should reveal how the children want to represent "their" class.  They are free to compose the scene as they like, with or without themselves, with elements coming from the class, or from elsewhere. Let them feel free to use their imagination !
Then, we will make copies of these note-pads, and of those coming next, so as,  eventually, to publish a book of "the children of the world" , representing their life in their part of the world.

Lastly, during our round trip, we will swap our French booklets with those filled abroad, and we will bring them back to share them with you.

All those who feel concerned by the project, and who wish to take part in this sharing of cultures are welcome !

If you live in or around Pau, I can come and take the photograph of your class. If you live farther away, please take the photograph yourselves.

You can take part  in this project as a school, or a class, or also individually by becoming a member of our project, or simply by sending us felt-tip pens and coloured pencils.

We wish you all a happy day, and a happy life !

l'âme en paix, l'esprit libre, le coeur joyeux sur les routes du monde....en avant pour l'école de la vie...

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